Thursday, March 11, 2010

bar talk

explain beauty in one endless sentence.  subject and predicate, adverb and faucet water.  
brush of horse hair, ran wild with earthy breath now dipped in paint on canvas, 
green to deaden the blush.  
gauche, face laden...patterned skin through shades of printed windows in dusty bars fading,
as afternoon nears evening, and dialogue loses its usual cadence.  
wonder made damp, paltry, disguised,
over in the corner by the jukebox machine, reflectin’ solemn eyes.  
crippled among cripple is done, I guess they're crows are they? 
band of instinct, as brothers are one.  
one among apart and running water runs.  
rising death in orange set sun.
kitchen appliances pushed as perimeter to white counter tops, faucet trickle, 
is that red wine in a jug among tin pots its contents in weight fickle?
is that murder outside the windows, a sea of drown cat calls caught.
in the branches of swaying buoys with the wind balanced and taut?
never christened at birth or there foreafter, I love a lot still 
but empty as chalice under wood cross, shunning hands from shaw.  
dirty as clean as wine in water, dreamland of death, love and war, cannon fodder.
secular as wine cork to undo and thus open,
rock from roman, from brushy thistle and footstep from cave
after purity, after betrayal,  after resurrection, after three days,
to drain from unplugged ocean,
to take away the waves.
i am dead and I don't care, placement or shape
take me from earth,
jewelry from purse
from stillbirth.
how waterfall over jutting rock cleft,
living life left or trickle of rightly darkened death sets.
all the beauty gone in the exhale of one endless,
subject, predicate, adjective, breath.

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Eva said...

I think what I like best about the things you write is the feeling it causes inside as I read it. It sends my mind to the wildest places.