Monday, June 7, 2010

oh great i cant get health coverage

cant even bathe most days... it's summer.... fuck it.   get real dirty.  my friend made me take a shower cause i smelled.  i pissed in her shower.  the screen door is fickle.  im feelin pretty acute, i guess i dont even know what that word means, cause my vocabulary is obtusely diminishing.  am i actually turning into an animal?  i woke up in the woods twice this week.  i touched with lights off by your scent.  knew the parts close and spread apart.  kind of felt into you, melted halfway in a bed.  i cant keep drinkin with sleepin pills though.  You also cant take somas with cocaine, you might come down nicely or you might have a heart attack.  i dont care, kill me kill me kill me.  my life is goin out of control and i'm happy for it.  go out like a candle, even the stars are violent....i got till august about.  i go to philly wednesday, thatll be great, see ppl.  and start a buzzband with justin next week, get rich, marry some exotic beauty and than go do heroin with a french prostitute, overdose and die in a hotel.  i cant concentrate on writing, it's shit.  maybe ill post somethn worth readin in the next year or so.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


kayla meet me at the needle exchange

did this shit when i was 11

explained how painting a picture of a tree is creation in practice.
painting is masturbation. i'm in your blood, you in mine.  You sat beneath your
tiny paintings, 20 dollars each, lookin at me and than lookin away.  drinkin a beer sayin "i usually dont drink i like takin pills instead."  your mouth tastin like silver, skin bland like detroit skylines.  your nails painted green thumbing the pulse in your throat.  i left with my friends, they had to walk me to the hospital.