Thursday, February 18, 2010

it's not the weather that sticks us together

    filled with dead things compiled in your red bedroom from your bad dreams.  On your vanity you left fake eyelashes waving. Your bathroom was my birdcage. I think about you in the shower sometimes and i forget it all soon right down that drain that took a day to drain. Cleaner and dirty towel, lay on the bed like six dolls, spread you from wall to wall, when I first met you I threw up a lot. I always say to much with my hands. Together we accelerated the blood flow that fell from clouds.  We melted muscle tissue fell away from hearts.  Wouldn't you die for something innocent and scratch perfect skin for life?
I've been receiving radio broadcasts through my teeth again.  All my delayed reactions are just impersonations of my mom as she asks.  I say Im not completely hopeless because I still hide smoking when I visit my parents, through the basement window and outside of existence.
So to smoke, I can go to a bar.
Delectation measured in spoiling tides tangled in my thoughts bludgeoned figures of crime life.  idioms pertained to wet mouths, half empty wallets in full bars blundered.... insidious... does he fuck you twice instead of once a night?  Some girl dancin in front of me, me making sure I look hot and lookin for trouble.
You always wanted that and now you got it all the time.  I wanted to eat big macs and then lie, sayin I was to tired, I wasn't tired, I just wanted to eat big macs, yeah lets eat big macs.

tan pontiacs  by  convict gypsy a poetic expression in song.
-We live in a flat in the ghetto, watchin you smoke crack out a broken window, on the other side of the tracks shot a rainbow I can't turn my back now im in love. im dumb so how should I know? Right between there and we're both smoking crack so how should I know? We live in a shack on the top floor, our porchlights glow beneath the locked door, your sweetness poured out your pores with fragrance beads, generic perscriptions and bitter coffee we drown next to our tiny sea shore.  And any guys id chase away unless its for your cash and I swear we'll do you know?  We live in a shack outside a town. I love you in the sack...if I got your back how should I know?
if you sleep in my bed promise me that instead
we will sail sunk ships below Zethures's pull
choose to believe god has a plan but I don't know if this is what he meant

sorry my pictures are not as cool as my girlfriends.


Kanwalful said...

Haha the cat is cute.
And big macs rock. Sorry if I sound like a 12 year old.

jady said...

i sound 12 all the time

Eva said...

You leave me at a loss for words, which is a hard thing to do. This made me want a shot and a cigarette, no idea why though.

Zi said...

i m gonna smock one right now :)
cool blog

jady said...

i made that song with the direct intent of the sound wave graphic looking like a dick. i'm talented.