Saturday, March 20, 2010

separated at birth

Posing in front of distant city lights, deadened wood hands reach up to furtive shades of visionary oblivion.
Encompassing abated emotions, aggregated beneath the sound of feral stars. Among menageries of clandestine heartbeats, posterior paw prints and sleeping breath. It peers out from distant hills, we share with each other, phlegmatic in our interest. Dead. Arrant animals through the lustrous brush, we tiptoed through your kitchen at night coming through the delicate screen doors. We crawled into your farm equipment to cultivate our selfish lack of reason. Slipped past the daunted houses squeezing themselves closer to one another as if ahsamed, they were looking down not looking at our eyes.
Moaning train passed in front or behind, the sound carried to us from years ago, from places no one knows.  Strange beings emitting sounds intermittently passing, considering limit seemingly ceremonious, as such were distant.
I touched the planets and arranged them around, caressing as a passion and we created the shade and the trains kept under oceans forever, smitten with cabalistic vibrations hunched forth by slabs of rock that set on my soul among whale and krill far from any shore.

Hold your claws within me for I no longer suffer.  I have found myself scattered about the roots of thistle and wild garlic and even outside basement windows where I watched, my stare never extended emotion, my dysorexia never intrigued for I have found my love within your soft fur.
I have found it with a complete neglect for the dwellings within that forbade our wandering with discernment. Found purpose with a complete disregard for them.  Found warmth from the fire.  Now we learn how to make shade.


Christopher said...

When I read this it sounds like you don't spend more than three seconds per word. It all just flows together so good, I'm kind of jealous actually.

jady said...

it's all about huffin paint thinner and just lettin your pen flow...seriously...mind expansion.