Saturday, December 19, 2009


with such vivid detail i googled your name and everything about you
i held liquid trees in my hand and said prayers
we were already in love but i still traced the ending in my head a hundred times
i carried hard burdens buried like the skies bones, heavy like latex
it rained wolf’s teeth and i listened to nina simone in the car, windows down and sound the fuck up.
painted juxtaposition by the candle-lights emissions
melted chipped faces, we were the future of ourselves
like fitting rooms in department stores, do they care you dont wear underwear?
if  there was only one way out how would we get out?
the other day i glanced to see who you were texting,
i’m such a creep.
why is the news the only thing on?  i keep looking for your face on it.
ill put the coffee on before i go out and smoke, that way it’ll be done
by the time i come back and i’ll be cold.
you know i’m drinking coffee to stay up late and talk to you?
that’s how i stay up for everything now, coffee.
i’m really in love with life
i’m really in love with life
i was screaming that at the top of my lungs
and than people started lookin at me.
and if you’re in love with an idea, you run with it, if it works
like only news tv works.
...oh thank god, a muppets’ christmas is on.
holy shit...can someone tell me if it should be ‘muppet’s’ or ‘muppets”?
is muppets one entity or is it a plural... i guess kermit is one muppet.
haha, muppet that’s a funny word.
you know you watch me when i’m sleeping...
i watch you in match smoke.
and sometimes i want to rip you out of your skin.
in a figurative way, a loving way.
ice caverns moved back and forth my vision or marian apparition
kermit has a joke, kermit has a joke
i hear crows c’awin....c’aw, c’aw, c’awn.
there stacks of dead corn everywhere,
ive logged into your facebook over and over a hundred times already..
just kidding

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