Saturday, December 5, 2009

i am the bow legged devil

stretch out colonies of broken mouths
city buses stopped of corners with a tree and mailbox
identical wave lengths, propensity like the black bench covered in blue gum
"i never had a friend, and i never wanted one"
its freezing, good, slow me down alot
siamese tips of swollen pressed lips
on whiskey runnin ruins  of every ruined sip
hangin on to wounded winged fingernails
expressionless through every dissect
of pinned up skin, bread, wine, spirit, flesh
bruising of one leg or the other, i forget...
lid on air tight, my liver is already dead since twenty-two,
you complete fucking coward
ripped out boundaries of cum stained tights
down alleyway corridors leadin to royal red lounge booths
velvet may as well be draped over the fuckin homeless
in their dwellins of eternity, sky, space, look up, look up
you own this!
torrid tree bark... my milked out visage...
your to much fucking makeup...
my brazen use of dumb words, my brazen way of not giving a fuck, my brazen way of getting arrested for pissing on buildings.
jersey beach braided hair on porch nights
free drugs from my stripper roommate, free hoodie, free everything
you sucked that dude's dick who only had three fingers.
i saw satan, tried to kill myself, i saw him again, i moved out....
and what ever happened to Rudy, did he just walk into the ocean
like some tragic redundant that about it?
who cares? life never happened!
it's always getting to late,
break new scientific boundaries within ending of life
siamese twins integrate with one another to give birth to anti-christ.
like the chances of good weather.
does shit suck more that im disappeared?
get completely quite when i need a glass of water, see what happens.
all these holes in the doors are mine, i fixed them myself.
the way they look arnt the way they felt.
dress the rich like gamins or somethin
they're all to good for all of this i think...
i am disease, cradled at the roots of my rotted peach tree
losing things feels better than keeping them....
thats why all those messes are fallin from stems
orange spiral of seeping flavor
aroma and moisture
slowly death in savor ....

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