Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what's sleep, what's bein awake?
i found a bunch of purple hair under my bed. what the fuck is that?
i hate how i have to go outside to smoke.  thanks for breakfast, thanks for everything.  shit changes.
i was joking about you gettin me heroin, it made you cry, i laughed but then when there were other problems I dont know.... you listened, gave me encouragement to do better and alot of the time I am... well, i have been.  i can keep fake smilin at you or if you go somewhere else i can smile for real.  i ran over a dead cat on my bike and almost wrecked.  i think ive been outside maybe twice in the last week.  so that's the good news and bad news.  something, i don't know what but it's floatin around the air, it makes me feel like death.
what's death.  Belphegor is playin at the troc
April 24th.  and i want to go and I will if i can afford it
or if someone wants to buy me a ticket.  It smells good outside right now,
it smells like grass and decay/thawing so spring is almost here.
to much has happened and changed this past week so i'm usually either
screamin at nothing or keepin my mouth shut.  i dont like how hostile ive gotten.
i dont like how i have nothin to write about anythin.  i like how i stay up and just shake
 and not think of anythin until the damn sun comes up. goddamn the sun. shoot me.

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Eva said...

Isn't life lovely...