Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i keep stabbing myself in the arm with a broken cross pendant
im gonna miss both my cats, ones already dead buried in the back yard of my parents' house
thanks for meetin me last night, i enjoyed out time together you forced me to grow up
but that was your purpose and to get me into leanord cohen to a horrible excess for awhile
shit fuck cunt bitch whore
bikes stolen, cars towed
dreams keep returning
they say "i want you babe"
whiskey introduced me to alot of people that night
i say i want my best friend and ill stick with them
like a table and an ashtray
a stupid grin on someone's face
cause they think theyre gonna save me

shit devils fuckin with me like crazy
inside out skin 
666 was written all over us on the stage
crows...i hear crows...its not even fuckin it?
fuck compassion

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