Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Discovering you was a lot like when I discovered masturbation.  My parents bought me a pair of silk boxers for christmas when I was 12 or 13, they had multi-colored mickey mouses printed all over them.  When I wore them they would rub against the head of my penis whenever I walked.  I had discovered the best feeling in the world.  These boxers would remain on me for weeks at a time.  Walking through the halls of school all day I would hunch over so no one would notice my erect dick.  Upon arriving home I would rush and lock myself in the bathroom for a half hour and play with myself until I would come.  When I met you, just the thought of you gave me an erection.  If I could I'd wear you for weeks at a time.  Just like masturbation, since the discovery of it I have not gone without it for long.  So that is much how I view you.
My reasoning amazes me within conquest.  Key latch kids always attached to keychains for the reason of forgetfulness and screwing yourself over if forgotten.  Needless to say, I became clever with the act of crawling through windows.  Worthless and no good, I should be completely forgotten by you only to try and try again to fit into your tiny windows.  Teardrops of glass and shards of blood collage with clothes onto your gold floor.  What good though is anything when it has been broken down just to sit within its warmth.  The winds would waft through and everything would get cold and die.  I'd get cold and die, holding onto you maybe, hunched over so no one will notice my erection.  You'd probably live for a day or two and get cold and die.  If there's nothing though, I could just find my own burrow deep in the earth and you could be nothing but hair and bones drowning in my t shirt.

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