Saturday, September 26, 2009

im fucked

i can compare you to plastic or some sort of color that can only be achieved over time.  what would I break you down into, and what are all the ways it could be my fault?   i have been waiting for eternity, i have been waitin for you by the soda machine.  autumn is gonna soothe the sidewalks, dress its burns in crying leaves.  you and i, sittin in the summertime, beneath some peach tree.  I heard baseball games echo off the hill, i was eight...i saw turquoise cars full of families goin for ice cream.  i kind of spent my life under that peach tree and i'll return to you in death.

  some people imagine what everyone does or looks like when they use the bathroom at night in basements.  you know people peer in from the outside, into the ditch windows that people have in their basements.   im tired of tender tipped touch, not an iota of such.  the air so sweet the intentions so weak.  yeah, we talked alot of shit in school but it was to make you feel beautiful.  hating the taste of saccharine and cigarettes but guaranteed you miss the taste of sincerity.  I said i'm not down working a job where im stealin cash cause we cant afford to eat and scared i might get shot, i dont want that job.  and you had some offhand remark like "oh 'everybody loves raymond' is like 'Roseanna' for white people."  and i said "your art is always what it's not cause you're trying to screen process what is frugal." and than you asked if I was on drugs and than I said that I didn't do drugs.

Occultation means the passage of one celestial object in front of another.

Lewis!  you found a cd in a trashcan and we took it back to your place and listened to it...than you threw it're the second person to throw away that cd, that's how bad it is.

swirling sky drops down into a sound audible by lovers.  im scheming on how to, im crazy enough to pin my posture to the stance of a poster, you wanna see me drunk on my floor playign guitar or vomiting.  i'm leaning over on your shoulder i cant keep my eyes open. tell me where to go tell me what to do tell me i'm instant i'm an angel that fell on top of you.  i sank to the bottom of every heart i've yet to swim.  you wouldn't would you?  help me out and care for me like i want.  someone else gets to you, i skip town.  the only heart i need to swim if you stay around.

i wanna be dismembered by architecture, crushed by someone else's dreams.  its always happening.
bar hopping series....killer runs away to find self you cant sleep without your phone but you sleep fine without me.

get glass of water for we're so delicate archaic teachings

waiting to fix what's wrong with me...ya...what about that?

you got pregnant everyday, we dressed like puerto rican trash

i drug myself back from michigan...i was having fun there...i ran out of gas on the turnpike coming back.
 i have to stop...say something i dont really mean...i never do...i mean anything...i say

the clouds have a gold lining and i think i'm dying.  i wanna die soon.

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